023 Jeremy Settles & Rob McClurg Talk Indie Film – Part 2

Published On February 6, 2011 | By admin | Podcast Episodes

Segment 21 – Filmmakers Notebook spent a few hours talking with independent filmmaker Jeremy Settles from Got Films and his colleague from the Sikink Artist Studio Rob McClurg last November.  This podcast is part of that interview picking up where we discussed Jeremy and Rob’s master plan for encouraging aspiring artists to develop production skills and other talents in order to make themselves more marketable. 

Filmmaker/Producer Jeremy Settles

Jeremy also shared his thoughts on producing and working on all types of projects from the high profile movies like “Lucky You” and “Knocked Up” to low budget productions such as “One Long Night”, which will be having its Las Vegas premiere this spring.  Jeremy is also involved with the television industry and is now working on the trailer for a series he’s pitching called “Vegas Mirage” that he mentioned during this interview.  Both gentlemen shared a lot of info about the independent filmmaking community with Patty Fantasia and John V. Donovan, so tune in and find out what’s going on, then visit their websites at www.gotfilms.com and www.sikink.com.

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