047 For Filmmaker Michael Su Persistence is Paying Off

Published On August 20, 2011 | By admin | Director, Independent Film, Podcast Episodes

John Donovan and I had a wonderful time sitting down with filmmaker Michael Su for this segment of Filmmakers Notebook.  On Sunday, August 21, one of the director’s earlier works “Doomed” will be screened at Theatre7, marking the first time the movie has had a public showing since its’ LA premiere back in 2007.  Michael enjoys working within the action genre and has two upcoming features in this category that he talked about including a western.

In addition to updating us on his new projects, which also includes working with Albert Pyun on a sequel to “Tales of an Ancient Empire”, the filmmaker shared some of his thoughts on making movies, cameras and lighting equipment.  In fact, Michael has offered to lend one of his three piece light kits to students and first time filmmakers in order to help them get off to a good start.  He’s also formed a production company here in Nevada called Persistence Filmworks now that he’s settled down in Las Vegas.  The conversation was definitely stimulating as we discussed everything from  Michael’s earlier years acting in the television series “Love and War” to his love for martial arts and making action films, so sit back, listen and enjoy!

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