062 Filmmaker Tom Vincent Wants to Show You “The Real Japan”

Published On December 7, 2011 | By admin | Independent Film, Podcast Episodes
This interview was conducted by John Donovan, our Filmmakers Notebook Radio Engineer and friend of Tom’s during his recent November 2011 visit to Japan.  It was recorded at a sidewalk cafe in Shibuya, a bustling area of Tokyo.
Tom Vincent, a Brit, has lived in Japan for over twenty years, is fluent in Japanese, and owns a small production company in Tokyo, Tonoloop,  whose clients include several of Japan’s largest companies.
Passionate about Japan, Tom found a need to reach out and help present a view of Japan that would move our thoughts beyond the tragedies of the great earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011.
With no budget, no script, and with only three days in production, Tom and three associates traveled to a small island in Japan’s Island Sea creating a wonderful candid view of everyday life.
Tom’s film, “The Real Japan”, can viewed by clicking this link: http://vimeo.com/26158579 and his email address is tom@tonoloop.com.

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