063 The Indie Film Factory is Coming to Las Vegas

Published On December 17, 2011 | By admin | Independent Film, Podcast Episodes

Las Vegas filmmakers Charisma and Kelly Schwarze have been collaborating personally and professionally for years since working on a short called “The Dwelling” in 2002.  That title may also fit one of their latest projects, which has been to launch a studio space and motion picture production company that will aid local filmmakers in getting their projects done.  Charisma joined us on Filmmakers Notebook to share the news that this dream, the Indie Film Factory will soon become a reality thanks to the couple’s efforts and a successful crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. 

Once the Indie Film Factory is up and running Charisma envisions it also offering additional resources such as a place where workshops and panel discussions can be held.  The venue promises to be another hub of activity like Theatre7 has become and will provide more opportunities towards building the close knit and productive independent film community that has been growing in Las Vegas.  To find out more specifics about the Indie Film Factory listen to our interview with Charisma.

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  1. Rick Schwarze says:

    Great interview! Really proud of Charisma and Kelly!

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