50 Indie Film Tweeters Worth Following on Twitter in 2013 – Part 1

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images[1]With the end of 2012 coming up bringing a bright, shiny new year to celebrate next week I couldn’t help but think about how I started Filmmakers Notebook and joined Twitter as a result of that just a few short years ago.  Back then there weren’t as many independent filmmakers using social media and crowdfunding platforms like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter were just starting out so people willing to share information by tweet or blog posts really struck a chord with those of us who were eager to learn and wanted to network regardless of what our level of expertise was or where we were located. 

Keeping that in mind I thought I’d put a list together of some of my favorite tweeters who continue to try making a difference in the indie film world.  A few of them have more than one account (I’ve tried to include all names) and of course there are several others I wish I had the time and space to add.  This started as a list of 20 and is up to 50 already so I know I’ve missed more than a few and I also decided to publish it in 2 parts. There may be others you consider favorites and inspirations as well and I hope you let me know who they are so we can continue adding to this list.  In the meantime, here are the names I’ve come up with and be aware they’re not in any particular order. I hope you check them out and enjoy them. One last note, I just did a similar list for my column on Examiner.com focusing only on people and organizations in the Las Vegas independent filmmaking community which you can view at http://www.examiner.com/article/indie-film-people-worth-following-on-twitter-vegas-edition.  

Jon Reiss ‏ @Jon_Reiss - Filmmaker/Author/Strategist. Founder of Hybrid Cinema. I wrote TOTBO (http://bit.ly/totbo) based on my experiences releasing my film @bombitthemovie.

Hollywood Shorts ‏ @hollywoodshorts - Shoot It! Cut It! Screen It! Short Film Community and Production Group; Screenings, Seminars, Film Festival Programming

Marcella S. ‏ @movieangel - Teacher of sports & arts.Indie films are my passion!

images Ted HopeTed Hope ‏ @TedHope – Working together with you & the SF Film Society, we are going to build a better world for ambitious film. Right?

Film Courage ‏ @filmcourage - Independent Film Community, Radio Show & Website. Check out articles, videos, podcasts & more at www.FilmCourage.com  

Jeffrey Gund ‏ @INFOLIST - Entertainment Industry Information on Jobs, Opportunities, Events, and Casting!

TheFilmCollaborative ‏ @filmcollab - A non-profit membership org dedicated to distribution & marketing of indie films. No Rights Taken. http://www.thefilmcollaborative.org/join.html

Hollywood Tweet ‏ @Hollywood_Tweet - Retweeting the BEST of Entertainment to the BEST of Entertainment! The RTs that Follow YOU!

Robert Shutter ‏ @robertshutter - film passionate person, and creator of cinemaschool.net  

Peter D. MarshallPeter D. Marshall ‏ @bcfilmmaker – Film & TV Director, Filmmaker, Film Directing Coach, Directing Instructor (VancouverFilmSchool, Raindance.) I also teach filmmaking workshops internationally

Ross Pruden ‏ @rosspruden - Showrunner. Moderator, #infdist Funded @dimeword at 271%. Telethon recordings here: http://www.youtube.com/user/slade95816

Miles Maker ‏ @milesmaker - I’m making a difference in the movie business with an active role in the development, packaging and global sale of exceptional stories. I’m listening.

Casey Ryan ‏ @CuttingRoomMRB - I run a radio show & blog to interview/promote indie entertainers of all types. I also write reviews and other assorted rants.

The Finks ‏ @kingisafink - Writers. Filmmakers. Mischief Architects.

Matt Dentler ‏ @MattDentler - SXSW a few years ago. Cinetic FilmBuff after that. And now… something different. More importantly: father and husband.

Phil Seneker ‏ @philseneker - Filmmaker, DP, Screenwriter, Video Producer. Lover of Authenticity in Film, Writing AND Humans. I prefer to live in the present.

FilmmakingStuff ‏ @filmmakingstuff - Jason Brubaker is an expert in internet movie distribution – Focused on helping YOU make, market and sell movies.

Wolfgang Junghans ‏ @eumagine - Filmmakers Community, Producer, EUMAGINE TV, Webdesign, Filmacademy, Recommendation and Ecology & Fine Arts Channel

Angelo Bell ‏ @angelobell - Screenwriter. Producer. Director. Blogger. Founding member of #OWD. Shaft’s baby cousin! In search of inner peace, and a production deal.

Hunter Weeks ‏ @hunterweeks - Filmmaker. Directed/Produced: 10 MPH, 10 Yards, Ride the Divide, Where the Yellowstone Goes, Walter. Produced: Reveal the Path

Jessi ‏ @CORKY242 - Trying to support independent film.

David Spies ‏ @davidspies - Screenwriting, filmmaking, video production, acting and cooking. Skiing in the winter and soaking up the sun in the summer. Moving at 24fps

John T. Trigonis ‏ @Trigonis - Published poet, storyteller, filmmaker, freelance professor & author of #Crowdfunding for #Filmmakers: The Way to a Successful Film Campaign from @MWPFilmBooks.

Createasphere ‏ @Createasphere - Createasphere: A world where entertainment technology and creative vision converge.

Film POP! ‏ @FilmPop - Support for independent films and filmmakers. Producer of Marketing and Distribution (PMD)

The first 25 are posted above and the rest will be published next week on Filmmakers Notebook so stay tuned and in the meantime have a very happy and healthy New Year’s holiday.

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