50 Indie Film Tweeters Worth Following on Twitter in 2013 – Part 2

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Filmmakers Notebook had the pleasure of posting the first 25 of our 50 Indie Film Tweeters Worth Following on Twitter in 2013 just after Christmas and the response was been wonderful, so now I’m thrilled to publish the rest of the group.  In fact, since I didn’t have room to include so many amazing people, film festivals and organizations that I truly admire and respect this time around I’ve decided to continue adding to this list on a monthly basis so be on the lookout for 10 more Twitter film folks come February. Some of these people have more than one Twitter account and all of the “handles” they are using that I’m aware of have been included. 

Once again, I hope you have fun reading about everyone listed below as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about them.  I’m also including a link for a similar list focusing only on people and organizations in the Las Vegas independent filmmaking community that I did for my column on Examiner.com.  You can view it by visiting http://www.examiner.com/article/indie-film-people-worth-following-on-twitter-vegas-edition

Sheri CandlerSheri Candler ‏ @shericandler – Marketing/engagement media strategist for indie film co author of Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul http://www.sellingyourfilm.com/store/ 

Jeanne V Bowerman ‏ @jeannevb - @scriptmag Editor, @ImpasseProd Pres, #scriptchat moderator, @ThePitchfest editor, black belt, bellydancing, recovered insecureaholic, PS31, #TwitterPIMPangel

DAVID PAUL BAKER ‏ @davidpbaker - Filmmaker-http://www.screen-movie.com Next #CityOfSin 1 FILM-EVERY MONTH-Direct to WEB-MOBILE DEVICES! https://www.rebelmouse.com/CITYOFSIN/

Justin W Hedges ‏ @JustinWHedges - The 3 a.m. Screenwriter – Screenwriter/Husband/Father/Grandfather 

MarvinVAcuna ‏ @MarvinVAcuna - Film/TV Producer, Marathoner, Avid Student of Gourmet Cooking, Wine Lover, Toastmaster, Professional Speaker, Curious

Fans Of Film™ ‏ @FansOfFilm - is the future of #indiefilm online, build a free website for your #film project… Helping filmmakers share films since 2008. 

Graham Inman ‏ @grahaminman - British Independent Film Producer. Join me at https://www.stage32.com/profile/2994/graham-inman

Gabe Wardell ‏ @gabesmail - Exec Director of Ciné, Co-Chair of Sponsorship for 48HFP, Co-Producer of DecaturDocs & 48HFP Atlanta

First Glance FilmsFirstGlance Films ‏ @FirstGlanceFilm – Philly’s Indie Film Fest since 1996, Hollywood since 2000! Named Philly’s Slamdance and Best Fest Investment #fgff #SupportIndieFilm #IndependentsDay

Film Threat ‏ @FilmThreat - The Word in Independent and Underground FilmSince 1985!

Amanda Lin Costa ‏ @TheLoneOlive - Writer, Director & Producer for Film & TV in NYC.

Ira Deutchman ‏ @nyindieguy - day job: movie distribution, night job: teaching at Columbia, unofficial job: Cubs fan. Views expressed are my own & not my employers or the Cubs.

The Film Snob ‏ @FilmSnobbery - We help independent filmmakers promote their work and find their audience!

Elizabeth Karr ‏ @elizabethkarr - Indie Film Producer/Actor http://radiofreealbemuth.com-Adaptation of Philip K. Dick novel @rfamovie Motto: Work Hard & Be Nice To People.

Kris McLaughlin ‏ @EitherOrFilms - Dir Soc Media, Either/Or Films, producers of THE SENSATION OF SIGHT; in development w SOMEPLACE LIKE AMERICA / consulting http://www.buzzmclaughlinscripts.com

Gary King ‏ @grking - Writer/Director | my latest film is award-winning movie musical @SchermannSong (LA Premiere) http://www.tugg.com/events/2411) | http://JoeSchermannSong.com

Tyler Weaver ‏ @tylerweaver - Writer of stories in (and across) prose, comics, radio & film. Author of WHIZ!BAM!POW! & the book COMICSTORYWORLD (for short) from @FocalPress  Poodle wrangler.

John August ‏ @johnaugust - writer, director, blogger, teen detective

InkTip ‏ @Official_InkTip - Getting the right scripts into the right hands

Adam Chapnick ‏ @AdamChapnick - Empowerer. Eternal learner. Chocolate: yes. Chili powder: no 

rex-sikesRex Sikes Movie Beat ‏ @RexSikesMovieBT                                           rex steven sikes ‏ @rexsikes - RexSikes’ Movie Beat conversations w filmmakers Inet radio show, website & blog – subscribe to podcast actor/producer/director/ filmmaker & interview host

Mireille M ‏ @MireilleM - A damsel…that can hold her own. Owner/Executive Editor of http://www.TheEntertainmentCorner.com @EntertainCorner                                                                                  Entertainment Corner ‏ @EntertainCorner - PROVIDING UNIQUE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS, INTERVIEWS, FILM REVIEWS, INFORMATION & MUCH MORE ~ @MireilleM Owner/Creator/Executive Editor of The Entertainment Corner

Mental Eclectic ‏ @MentalEclectic - An indie film collective brought together to support each other in the entertainment industry. #indieFilm #MentalEcl #BeingIndie #SDIF #MemahFest        Craig Wilson ‏ @TheDerbiedOne - Film. San Diegan living in Los Angeles. Padres- even when they suck.

JasonPollock.TV ‏ @JasonPollockTV - JasonPollock.TV is the website for filmmaker JasonPollock. It is a source for great content on the interwebs. Follow @Jason_Pollock for updates as well!                         Jason Pollock ‏ @Jason_Pollock - I’m the creator of @UNDROPPABLE. My first film, THE YOUNGEST CANDIDATE, is on iTUNES! I’m working to help move things forward. @JasonPollockTV for more.

joke and biagioJoke and Biagio ‏ @jokeandbiagio – We make film and TV & share our secrets. Current projects: CAGED on MTV, DYING TO DO LETTERMAN. Hope to work with you soon!                                                                                 Joke and Biagio ‏ @JNBdocs - Bringing you the latest documentary news as well as the craft of making documentaries. From documentarians of DYING TO DO LETTERMAN JokeandBiagio.                                              Joke and Biagio ‏ @JNBIndie - JokeandBiagio Make film andTV. They curate this Twitter Magazine on all things Indie Film.                                Joke and Biagio ‏ @JNBCrowdFund - JokeandBiagio make film and TV. After raising $20,000 in 48 hours on Kickstarter, they started this Twitter Magazine to help you do the same.                                                     Joke & Biagio CAGED ‏ @JNB_MTV_Caged - CAGED on MTV: Our new TV show. We’re executive producers & co-creators of this look at the lives, loves, and struggles of amateur cage fighters. MTV’s CAGED.     Joke and Biagio ‏ @jnbVFX - We produce film andTV, and have a deep love of Visual Effects. Started this account to share great stuff we find, and meet artists. Be sure to visit our blog.

This concludes the Filmmakers Notebook inaugural list for 2013, but as I mentioned earlier I will be adding to it througout the year so please stay tuned and feel free to submit suggestions!

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  1. Tyler Weaver says:

    Thank you for including me!

  2. admin says:

    You’re very welcome and a great choice for the list!

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