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One of the ways in which filmmakers are reaching out and finding like minded people to share and promote projects with is through social media and Facebook offers several places worth checking out.  A few of the filmmaking groups that I’ve joined and found particularly interesting include: The Internet Filmmakers, New England Talent & Crew, Filmmakers Unite, United Filmmakers Association, Documentary Film Festivals, Television and Motion Picture Network (T.M.P.), Nevada Film Group,  The Story Project, BlueCat Screenwriting, Ten Minute Tuesdays and Making Movies Throughout the Bay Area.  As a result, I thought it would be nice to introduce you to Elena Altman, the founder of MMTB here on Filmmakers Notebook, so you can see how this group got started. 

Making Movies Throughout the Bay Area 

By Elena Altman

I was an ambitious entrepreneur and with the economy downfall I lost my job and was unemployed for a very long time. When I couldn’t find a job in my field, I decided that I would pursue my dream of becoming an actor or doing some performing. After attending multiple auditions and being told that I was a natural but didn’t have experience I had to take matters into my own hands. I formed a film team on craigslist for zero dollars, wrote a script and made a short film on my own that I acted in, and quickly learned how to edit. It’s called “Blind Mind”. This was so exciting. This is how I found my passion in film; directing, producing and of course acting, which became a secondary passion. When the music group I was in on Facebook decided to take their page offsite, I decided to take matters in my own hands. It drove me to create a group for filmmakers that is solely based out of Facebook, and would not require anyone to leave or join a website, pay and membership fees or anything that required you to do anything but enjoy the networking and love of film. 

When the page took off and I got over a thousand members in one month, everyone was petitioning for me to throw an event. People offered their properties to throw the events. I spent two nights coming up with an event that would satisfy every filmmaker’s needs and give actors the chance to prove themselves rather then fight for a part. The part would be written just for them, to match their appearance, style, acting capabilities and demeanor. Also, depending on the wardrobe and props each actor had for themselves, it gave them the opportunity to act in parts they always wanted to try for. Once I threw my first event in a black hawk house inDanvillein February 2010, the rush, the fun, and the demand for this event was apparent. I had to keep it going. Since then we have made over 100 short films as a collaborative and now working on our first feature film- Project Run! There have been great partnerships created at our MMTB events including UFA- United Film Association, which is a combined effort of individuals that met at the first few MMTB Events and branched out on their own. We are now a non profit organization with over 3200 members in our group and over 2100 LIKES on our page and 700 people registered with us for a filming event. We are steadily growing every month. We have big plans for the future that will hopefully be unveiled this year. Till then, we hope you can join us at our monthly film making events and/or mixers. Every 2ND Saturday of the month we film and screen, give awards and network. Every 4TH Sat we come together to drink, enjoy some more networking and screenings. Eventually we hope to become the American Idol of film. For now I do it all myself, but hope that in the future, when funding becomes available, I can form my dream team to really take MMTB to the next level. Investors welcome ;o)

If you have a filmmaking group on Facebook that you would like to spread the word about send me an email at info@filmmakersnotebook.com and in the meantime have a look at what MMTB and the others mentioned may have to offer you.

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