Film Short: Have a Look at Our Trailer for ACCUSED

Published On September 15, 2010 | By admin | film, film production, Film Short, Filmmaker, filmmaking, Independent Film, Screenwriting

One question that as Co-Producer I’ve been asked repeatedly during the past several months is “Do you have a trailer yet for ACCUSED?”  While I realized that a trailer serves as a film’s calling card, I hadn’t given it as much thought as I probably should have due to the challenges we’ve had getting the movie completed in post production.  Miraculously our Finishing Editor, a young man named Tony Filipic, decided to surprise Executive Producer/Screenwriter Chris Battle and I by putting together his ideas for one, which he shared during one of the last editing sessions we had with him. 

We loved what he had in mind and now that it’s done the finished product is amazing.  We have been sharing it with everyone and I can’t believe that it wasn’t a higher priority before.  The trailer is edgy and makes good use of our footage without giving away too much of the story.  Plus, actress Lynn Steinhurst who plays Mom did a wonderful job with the voiceover.  

Seeing how well the reception has been so far, I understand the importance of having this tool in your arsenal when trying to get the word out about a film.  The trailer sets the stage acting as the warm up for the main event, so it’s important that it reflect the vision you are trying to get across to the audience.  In less than a minute I feel this preview captures the attention of the viewer and leaves them wanting more, but don’t take my word for it.  Have a look and see for yourself.  Also visit our Facebook page and Like us at and  follow us on Twitter @ACCUSEDTheMovie.

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