Film Short: Rendezvous with Marc Rosenbush

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West Side Stages

West Side Stages

On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending a networking party at West Side Stages in West Los Angeles for the members of Internet Marketing for Filmmakers, an online marketing club founded by Independent Filmmaker and Marketer, Marc Rosenbush.  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet Marc, who is probably best known for his film Zen Noir, and to learn more about his successful marketing and self distribution programs.  Both the information he provided and the conversation in between was enlightening.  Aside from covering a lot of the basics about using the internet to drive DIY (do it yourself) distribution sales, we talked about specific issues related to the process and the many changes taking place in the industry.  Topics included new delivery systems for independent films, strategies for driving audiences to websites, establishing affiliate and joint partnerships and the use of email lists to stimulate DVD sales.  Here are a few tips you may find helpful. 

While it’s necessary to determine the best delivery system for your film, a delivery system is not the same thing as marketing, so it’s still up to you to find your audience and motivate them to buy your movie.  A delivery system will not do that for you, which is a fact many filmmakers fail to recognize.

Finding groups and/or organizations, who will champion your film and share internet resoures with you because of common interests, quickly creates added value and a larger fan base for you.  Better yet, this formula works for all films and can be used as a blueprint.

As soon as your film is greenlit, you should be generating buzz and creating exposure, so that you create a vibe for your project.  Once there’s a release date begin launching email campaigns and have systems in place to drive traffic to your movie’s website and collect visitors’ email addresses, enabling you to build your own list. 

To learn more about Marc’s program and the Internet Marketing for Filmmakers Online Marketing Club check out   

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2 Responses to Film Short: Rendezvous with Marc Rosenbush

  1. brozogirl says:

    To market your own projects on the Internet is huge. Various movie stars, T.V. stars, reality T.V stars have come up with creative exposure. It is funny, to see tweets, promoting something they are personally working on. It goes to show, everything goes, and nothing is ruled out these days.


  2. admin says:


    How true. Knowing that you are capable of self marketing and distributing your film can also provide a great deal of self confidence when approaching investors. You have other options available for repaying them should you be unable to secure a traditional distribution deal, which could make or break your securing financing.


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