Film Short: ShoWest – 3D is the Star

Published On March 17, 2010 | By admin | 3D, film, film production, Film Short, filmmaking

Although I’ll be writing more about ShoWest on Saturday, I thought I’d share a little info with you from the first two days.  It’s no surprise that 3D is the talk of the event this year, so here are a few highlights: 

Oculus 3D Corporation  introduced the OculR, a high quality, easily installed 35mm polarized light stereoscopic 3D film system based on a unique format and projection lens.  Referring to it as the brightest 3D on the market, the OculR was developed by Lenny Lipton, who is recognized as the father of the stereoscopic display industry.  On Friday March 19th between 11am and 3pm there will be a post ShoWest demo of the new system in Burbank and you’re invited.  Simply click on the link provided and send an email them an email at the address listed on the page.  I’ll be speaking with the company’s founders before the end of ShoWest for more details about their future plans for this new technology. In the meantime, if you’re available to attend the demo. contact them to RSVP. 

I also went to the MGM Grand and had the chance to tour the new “Sony 3D Experience”, which is a joint venture between Sony Electronics and CBS.  The location will be used as a research center and screening facilityand will focus on discovering consumer preferences and views toward 3D programming.  Updates about the best ways in which broadcasters and studios can best deliver 3D content both in and out of the home will be presented allowing developers to assess what consumers want and be sure that it is being offered.   Also be on the lookout for the Discovery Channel, Imax 24/7 3D Network coming with Sony content, which will soon be available in the home along with sporting events in 3D  including the World Cup and the Masters Tournament.

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