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Recently, I discovered a website called that offers readers an amazing variety of data related to the entertainment industry, especially if they sign up to receive  its free email updates.   The site specializes in promoting  opportunities, information and events with items continuously being added covering auditions, seminars, special appearances and job openings.  There’s even a separate section for the music industry.

While writing this I realized there were over 2400 postings encompasing all of these areas.  My favorite is the events section, which provides details about many free gatherings and also includes special discounts  for members reducing the cost when a fee is involved.   The site was created by Jeffrey R. Gund, a music composer and film producer, for the purpose of sharing useful and helpful entertainment business related information, including jobs, industry events, seminars, screenings, parties, casting information for actors and models, and anything else that  people in the industry (or trying to get in the industry) would want to know.  In other words,  Gund started the website to help people in his field and to give back.  When it was founded in 2000, it wasn’t in its’ current incarnation, but served a smaller group of Jeffrey’s friends and associates,  helping them find work by providing  details about jobs and casting opportunities. 

When the list reached  over 7,000 recipients, Gund decided to automate some of the functions and expand its circulation out beyond his circle of friends and acquaintances and hopefully benefit more people.   The criteria for submitting a posting is that it should be perceived as an opportunity by the receiver as opposed to being considered a solicitation.  However, there is a section on the site for member events and other type postings to accommodate those types of submissions  As an added bonus, there’s also a wonderful selection of links on the site to explore.   For more information visit

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