Great Learning Opportunities for Indie Filmmakers on June 23 & 24

This week June 23rd and June 24th have quite a bit to offer independent filmmakers.  For starters the Writer’s Store is kicking off the Master the Craft of Screenwriting Webinar Series with Syd Field beginning on the 23rd. Conducted from 10am to 12pm PDT on Saturday and Sunday, the first two sessions will cover Setting Up Character & Story before the last two seminars Writing Effective Dialogue and The 6 Stages of Rewriting are offered.  Webinars are $79 each or $245 for all of them.  Visit the Writer’s Store at for more details. 

Anyone in the Los Angeles area who is interested in Film Distribution should consider attending The Secrets to Distribution: Get Your Movie Distributed Now by Jerome Courshon being held beginning on June 23rd from 10am to 6pm and continue on June 24th from 10am until 6pm at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel and Convention Center located at 2500 N. Hollywood Way in Burbank, CA.   The Master Class will cover Theatrical, Home Video, VOD and Digital/Internet Distribution, The 8 Fundamental Models of Entering the Revenue Streams, Social Media Strategies & Marketing for Your Film, Key Art & Press Kits, Film Festivals and a Q&A.  Filmmaker and Distribution Expert Linda Nelson will be joining Jerome on Sunday to discuss the VOD part of the curriculum.  For those who are not in the LA area, you can order Jerome’s 3-Day Film Distribution Program consisting of 18 hours of instruction on 9 DVDs and 3 Workbooks, which also teaches how to attain distribution for your film or documentary.  To receive more info or to register for the seminar go to http://www.DistributionLA/facebook.  

Finally, Canadian Director Peter D. Marshall will be teaching Essentials of Film Directing from 9am until 6pm on June 23rd and June 25th at  the University of Toronto at 10 King’s College Road in Room 1105 of the Sanford Fleming Building. Raindance is presenting the intense two day program.  Beginning with The Director as Story Teller, Day 1 introduces attendees to the roles of the film and TV director and looks at the director as storyteller, the critical elements of the business and politics of film and the director’s pre-production activities and script and scene analysis.  Saturday’s course outline consists of an Introduction, The 10 commandments of Filmmaking, the 7 Step Film Directing Process, the Power of Montage (Film Editing), The Kuleshov Effect, Plot Demonstration, How to Make a Movie 101, What is a Director?, Directing a Film – What is Expected, The Three Types of Direcotr, The Business and Politics of Film, How to Work and Survive in “The Business”, Differences Between TV and Feature Films, The Director’s Pre-Production Activities, The Director’s Top-Three Creative Team, The Reductionism Breakdown Theory, Practical Breakdown of Scripts and Scenes, The Classic Three-Act Structure, The Director and the Script, Script Analysis Overview and General Script and Scene Analysis.  Sunday covers Getting Ready for the Film Set and introduces participants to the complex, in-depth world of the film director and looks at the director’s visual concept, character analysis and development, text and subtext and the casting process.  The Day 2 Course Outline consists of Mise-en Scene/Subworld, The Director’s Visual Concept, The Psychology Behind the Shot, Understanding the language of Film  Storyboards and Shot Lists, Class Exercise (Shot Listing Demonstration(, Observing Human Behavior and Emotions, Motive Determines Behavior, Character Objectives, Character Analysis and Development, Class Exercise (Power of Observation, Text, Subtext and Content, The Actor-Director Relationship, Working with Actors, Action Verbs, Result Directing, Class Exercise (Creating Drama with Objectives & Subtext, The 5 Groups of On-Camera Players (The Talent), The Four types of Actors, The Casting Process, Director Guidelines of Casting and Working with Actors on the Set and That’s a Wrap.

If you’re not in the Toronto area you can find out more about Peter on his Website at and sign up for his Ezine The Director’s Chair.


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  1. Peter D. Marshall says:

    Patty, thank you very much for the write up about my directing workshop :)



  2. admin says:

    You are very welcome Peter. Please keep up the good work and keep offering your wonderful workshops.

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