Holiday Presents for Your Favorite Filmmakers

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Once again the holidays are upon us and for many that means trying to find the perfect gift for the filmmakers in your life.  Just in case you’re not sure what to give others or suggest someone special get for you, I thought I’d make a few suggestions. 

First of all, consider a gift card from The Writers Store (   Well known for supplying books and software to screenwriters and frequently holding in-house seminars at their Los Angeles location, you can select presents such as Final Draft 8, The 2012 Hollywood Screenwriting Directory or choose from a host of online writing courses and seminars that can be enjoyed regardless of where the person receiving them is located. 

Also for the screenwriters in your life take a look at the latest offering from Pilar Allessandra and On The Page ( for those who are unable to attend Pilar’s classes in L.A.   Called “Beyond The Chick Flick: Writing The Female-Driven Screenplay,” the seminar is done as a 30 video along with downloadable handouts with lectures, exercise and examples for a fee of $35.00.

For anyone interested in distribution, I have two recommendations.  The first one is a one year or six month exclusive online membership to Stacey Park’s Film Specific site , which provides a comprehensive suite of tools for filmmakers including live, interactive virtual seminars covering all aspects of financing, marketing and distribution, industry intelligence & resources and expert-moderated discussion forums.  As usual there is an Annual Holiday Promotion for those renewing or joining as yearly members at the cost of $249.00 that includes three complimentary bonus months of membership, complimentary access to the Distribution In Reverse and Film Financing 2.0 On-Demand Virtual Intensives and a complimentary copy of The Film Distribution Kit on CD-ROM.  If that’s a little out of your price range there’s a half-yearly (6 months) membership for $159.00 that includes one complimentary bonus month of membership and a free copy of The Film Distribution Kit on CD-ROM.  More info can be found at (

Another option for those interested in this aspect of filmmaking is Jerome Courshon’s The Secrets to Distribution – Get Your Movie Distributed Now, which is based on the 3 day Film Distribution Master Class he offers in Los Angeles and other cities on demand.  More information about Jerome and his subject matter is available on his website at

When all else fails there you can always purchase a gift certificate from ( for your filmmaker friends, a choice that offers a lot of possibilities considering Amazon’s vast selection of books, movies and electronics.  Two of the newer books I’d like to suggest are Filmmaking Stuff: How to Make, Market and Sell Your Movie Without the Middle-Man from Jason Brubaker and Indie Film Producing: The Craft of Low Budget Filmmaking by Suzanne Lyons. 

One final suggestion might be to support your friends’ filmmaking activities by making a donation to any Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaigns they have for their projects.  I’m sure any of these ideas would be well-received and all of them can be adjusted to fit even thrifty budgets.  However, if money should turn out to be no object, you might want to consider buying a Canon 5D or a Red Camera for that special someone.  Just a thought…

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