Indies Worth Getting to Know (Pt. 2)

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IndiePix On Demand

IndiePix On Demand

Based in New York, IndiePix was founded in 2004 by Barnet Lieberman and Bob Alexander and has grown to into one of the best online film locations, featuring indies from all over the world.  The site offers 3,526 movies at last count, and they run the gamut from film festival winners to popular cult classics with documentaries, foreign titles and other options found in between.  Determined to bridge the gap between independent filmmakers and those interested in watching their movies, IndiePix allows consumers to find, explore and purchase films using more than one delivery method and armed with enormous search capabilities. Fans are provided with access to many different types of pictures that were previously viewed predominantly at festivals. There’s also a blog section, where consumers can read articles and posts and find out about upcoming events, and a newsletter promoting new DVD releases and film acquisitions. 

A DVD can be purchased online or by utilizing the site’s patented Download-To-Own technology, which is known as the Disc Factory (IPDF) and can manufacture a professional quality item with no waiting. IPDF is a standalone set of programs that doesn’t interfere with the operations of a user’s computer and functions equally well on both PCs and Macs.  Utilizing a post-purchase process, the system grants control of the downloads, file checking, communications management, file watermarking and DVD writing, creating a new distribution model for the entire independent film industry.  The system is also set up to securely vault downloaded projects, ensuring that filmmakers have a protected master, regardless of which distribution path they chose to pursue.  The latest option available is Indiepix On Demand, which allows several titles to be watched instantly on the website.  With the popularity of streaming and sites like YouTube and Hulu, it’s obvious that this is becoming the preference of the future for many watching movies.  IndiePix has formed a partnership with Steamami, to deliver high quality streaming video with no commercials using less bandwidth than similar sites within a web browser and allowing the viewer to watch a film on a computer or connect with a TV or projector.  

The IndiePix distribution model was structured so that filmmakers maintain the rights to their projects, while being provided with delivery opportunities and assistance with marketing and packaging options.  They are also offered a very generous revenue sharing plan.  In addition, IndiePix has been known to assist with financing projects, such as the award winning “Billy the Kid”, which received its final production funding from the independent filmmaking supporters.

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