Introducing Cinema Dreams Founder Don Stewart Baldwin – Part 2

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Since first speaking with Don Stewart Baldwin several changes have occurred regarding Cinema Dreams so now Filmmakers Notebook brings you Part 2 of our piece with Baldwin who tells us more about the production company and his latest project “The Flying Boy”.  In order to find out additional info please visit their new website at, which has recently been under construction. 

What is the film about?

(Don’s Response Taken from his Crowdfunding Campaign)


THE FLYING BOY FILM is the True story of John Lee, a man who like many of us got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Why couldn’t he have the relationship with the woman of his dreams? Take this journey with him as he breaks the shackles that had imprisoned his heart.  Locked away from the women that truly loved him, find out how he stopped flying away in his imagination and became a fully realized man. A man open and capable of giving and receiving the most powerful love.

This film has been up and down four different times in Hollywood only to fall apart at the last minute by ridicules circumstances.  The writer who adapted the screenplay, Don Baldwin, was forced to bow out once the suits tried to squeeze the life out of it. “Can you make him more of a hero?” “Can you turn it into a romantic comedy?”  Beside the fact that three Academy Award winners, Martin Sheen, Tess Harper, Sven Nykvist and multi Grammy winner, Randy Travis were committed to this true story as written. They will be the first invited back but Full Casting will not begin until the film is funded. Rest assured some incredible actors will be working on this film.

Now the power is in your hands to get this film made the right way. “We have an incredible script!” according to the books author John Lee. “Don walked away from Hollywood financing before in order to keep his promise to me.” “I will not let anyone ruin your story.”



How Can People Become Involved?

This film is only going to be possible with YOUR help. We want this to be your film just as much as it is ours. Our production studio, Cinema Dreams, is based on the old Hollywood  tradition of experienced artisans working with new and energetic filmmakers who develop their career by learning on set. The more people Participate, the better this story will make it around the world. If you can pledge at least one dollar, you are part of the team. Either way you are part of our success story if you will at least Twitter it or “Like” us on Facebook.  We, the producers of Cinema Dreams, have pooled all our resources together to make this come true and are just a little short.  However, again, NONE of this will be possible unless we hit our goal of raising $121,000.00!


Yes, and we want to give back, that’s why you’ll find all our Pledge Rewards so unique. Created with many of them designed to let you join with us in making this movie. We realize we can’t reach our funding goal with everyone giving just a dollar but this will allow many people, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to participate, to join us. Those who can afford to pledge more, we feel, will make up the difference.

What are you hoping to accomplish with the launch of Cinema Dreams?

 I would hope that CD will bring film making full circle, back to the early days of film making.  Artistic people working for the sake of art and they split the profits from their endeavors. 

Do you have any other films being planned on the horizon?

The next film for CD will be “When the Buddha met Bubba” also by John Lee and Screenplay by me.  Cedric the Entertainer is committed to this project. 

What types of social issues do you want to cover with your Cinema Dreams Projects?

CD will have very high standards in choosing its projects.  We will put Authors together with screen writers and put them together with directors and them with actors and them with crew, throw parties and screen films.  I see a time when we announce a best seller is going to be made and we pre-sell the tickets to giant screening parties that last a week in each city.  That money will be used to make the film.

What has been the response so far from independent filmmakers hearing about Cinema Dreams and how would you suggest they contact you if they want to be involved or have projects they’d like to have developed?

The response from all the film makers I know is total excitement.  ”The perfect idea at the perfect time!”  The best way to get involved is to do just that.  Anyone that helps us, we will help them.  People can contact me at  Don Baldwin in Kansas City face book.  ”Cull” the movie on FB or Cinema Dreams on FB,

So far, what has been your greatest challenge in getting both Cinema Dreams and “The Flying Boy” off the ground?

“The Flying Boy” has been a labor of live for twenty years.  CD has taken off like a rocket, I only thought about it in July.  We will see?

What is the message you hope people will take away from “The Flying Boy”?

I would like to leave a message of hope that if you examine yourself, you will find a way to have the relationships you need in life.  

What is your favorite part of the story?

There is a part in the script where everyone cries their eyes out.  This is truly a ground breaking story that has never been told before.

In order to find out additional info about Cinema Dreams or “The Flying Boy” please visit Don’s new website at, which has recently been under construction.

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