Looking for Links to Filmmaking Resources?

Published On August 14, 2010 | By admin | film, film production, Filmmaker, filmmaking, Independent Film, Uncategorized

When I set up the Filmmakers Notebook blog I started a page with various resources I’d found on the internet for filmmakers and screenwriters.  Recently during a conversation with an acquaintance I discovered that even though he reads all of my new posts, he’d never visited the Resource Page until a few weeks ago.  Because of this, I thought I’d call your attention to it and recommend taking a look to see if there’s anything there you might find useful.  Aside from listing many websites geared towards screenwriters, there is also a section where you can find sample documents and other data, so please don’t be shy and go check it out.  You may find links that you didn’t know about that will prove to be useful.

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