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Chris Palermo

Hey, I’m looking for a gig just like you, so sometimes you have to make your own!  Independent film production in Massachusetts seems to be healthy and thriving. We really don’t have a choice because the big-budget Hollywood film production has stalled here in The Bay State.  It’s just temporary as we hear of some huge productions  coming to town soonm but we enjoy staying busy!  On any given weekend you’ll find notices calling for local cast and crew.  Even Indie films are able to utilize our generous film tax credit if they spend fifty-thousand dollars.  These are the guys to speak to if you want to learn more info on the numbers game:  

Many folks from Boston that moved out to LA to work have returned.  These people are bringing that slick experience back East and have been incorporating tricks of the trade into their smaller, indie productions. The end result is a Hollywood blockbuster-type flick on an indie budget.  My podcast and website covering the growing film production biz here in Massachusetts is THE MASS MOVIE MAVENS. and I’ve had the chance meet and speak with many principles involved in the production of independent films. I’m also on the frontline as an actor and crew (audio post) and have a sincere passion for it. 

One particular website helping fuel the fire of independent filmmaking here in New England is  Lots of  great classified ads and a great place to find gigs in this area.  Just down route 95 in Rhode Island is a thriving film production community, too.  Rhode Island Film Collaborative is in the forefront of promoting film production in that state.  Local casting director Jodi Purdy from South Shore Casting is actively involved in recruiting and grooming talent for speaking roles in independent film production. Boston is chock full of film festivals with  newer ones added seemingly every year.  Two particular films I have on my radar screen are “Conned” and “Festival”  I have interviewed principles from both of these films.  “Conned” has the feel and look of a major Hollywood film and has a unique twist to it as they are using deaf actors.  “Festival” is something anyone ever involved in filmmaking will get a kick out of as it takes a funny(and very real!) look at film festivals. 

Lots of projects are brewing in 2011. We have a large contingency of “background actors’ that  realize indie films are a great way to get principle roles and speaking parts.  This helps develop a reel to showcase to local casting directors and to get closer to that speaking role in a “biggie” from Hollywood shooting here in Massachusetts.  Basically, we’re all just waiting for it to warm up and for the friggin’ snow to melt so we can shoot! When it does, it’s beautiful… Hear me/follow me/praise me at:

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