“My Run” Continues Racing Past the Finish Line

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Terry Hitchcock from "My Run"

One of the most beloved documentaries that has been winning both festival awards and rousing audience support has been “My Run,” based on the true story of Terry Hitchcock, who in 1996 at 57 ran 75 consecutive marathons in 75 days to draw the public’s attention to the plight of single parents.  An only child raised by his grandparents, Terry’s story actually began 12 years before his trek from St. Paul to Atlanta when his wife Sue died of breast cancer leaving him alone to raise three small children.   That happened in 1996 and afterwards Hitchock wrote a book about his experiences called A Father’s Odyssey inspiring the acclaimed documentary, which was produced by Indiewood Pictures in association with Destiny Pictures in 2009.  Now the story is continuing to the next phase as plans are underway to produce a narrative feature film about Terry called “Pushing Life”.  I had the opportunity to meet the Co-Producer of “My Run”, Christine Redlin, during the Las Vegas Film Festival last spring and would now like to introduce you to her, Terry and a few other members of the team behind the film, Producer Mark Castaldo and Producer/Director Tim VandeSteeg.  The first blog post with Hitchcock  is below, so read on to find out more about the man behind the movie.

How does it feel to be the subject of an award winning documentary that’s received so much positive attention?

I feel blessed and so happy to be surrounded by such magical and professional “film makers”.

With all of the people you’ve spoken with during your travels is there any one story someone has told you about his or her life that stands out?

At one of the showing of the documentary, “My Run”, at the Sedona International Film Festival, a man stood up during the Q&A and introduced himself as an ultra-marathoner. It was obvious that he was some sort of athlete by his chiseled physical appearance.  He said he came to the showing of the film to see if he might learn something new about running from me…but instead learned something even more important.   “I’m a marathoner running the Sedona marathon.  I came here to be inspired to run, but instead was inspired to love my wife more,” said ultra-marathoner Bob Redwanc.  She was sitting beside him and got up and hugged him.

How has writing your book and the documentary made you a better parent?

Well, I’ve always felt that I have been a pretty good parent, at least I have tried to do my best. As far as being a better parent, having the book and the documentary as part of my life now allow me to share my message and life experiences with others, many others, thus allowing me to be a better parent if you will. My book, A Father’s Odyssey, I use to give the proceeds to various causes and non-profits. The book and film also provide numerous speaking opportunities in corporations, churches, colleges and general community events that allow me to share my story and help other parents explore their own lives and hopefully I can give valuable advice and support to them.

In hindsight is there anything you’d change about what you’ve done?

If anything, I would have shared my story much sooner than I have. I would have challenged our Senators and Congressmen and women to stand up and be counted. We still need a Secretary of Children, if truly our children are the future of our country. There sometimes is much too much apathy in our country regarding the pain of others. I saw the inside “guts” of our country as I ran my 2,100 miles and I could spend all day telling stories of the fragile lives that I saw and experienced.

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