News for Filmmakers From the IDA (International Documentary Association)

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One organization worth checking out and joining for any filmmaker interested in making documentaries is the IDA (International Documentary Association) located in Los Angeles.  A non-profit, the IDA acts as an advocate for filmmakers, can assist with fiscal sponsorship, and offers a number of services and educational programs (mostly located in LA and New York).  One such event sponsored by DOC U called Understanding Fair Use is coming up on January 30th inLos Angeles and it is sure to be of great help to indie filmmakers.  Anyone planning to utilize the Fair Use Doctrine as part of a project should be aware of how it works and about the changes that have been created by recent legislation.  First of all, The Fair Use Doctrine allows for copyrighted materials to be used without permission or payment so long as certain conditions are met, but often times filmmakers are not sure which circumstances allow for its use or how it is determined.  In addition, recently passed legislation such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act could impact exemptions and usage for documentary filmmakers.  

DOC U has assembled a knowledgeable and impressive panel of experts in the field to help identify and explain the legal intricacies.  Moderator Eddie Schmidt will be joined by Michael Donaldson of Donaldson & Callif, Russell Hickey of AXIS PRO Insurance and documentary producer and distributor Mitchell Block for a close up look at The Fair Use Doctrine and how it affects filmmaking.  More information is available at   IDA Individual Members get a $5.00 discount off the ticket price. 

In other news this week from the IDA the organization has partnered with Sungevity and is offering a special opportunity for filmmakers who wish to go solar.  Sungevity will give you $750 and match that amount in a donation to the International Documentary Association if you decide to utilize the company’s services now.  The company offers a free iQuote option for those who are unsure if this is the right choice for their home or location so you can check it out without having to book an appointment.  More information about the special $0 down solar lease that is currently available and how it will benefit the IDA can be found at

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