One Way for Indie Filmmakers to Become After Effects Apprentices

Published On July 1, 2012 | By admin | Blog Post, Independent Film, special effects

For filmmakers who aren’t able to attend classes in order to learn about different types of software one way of adding to their skill set is by signing up for webinars and/or other online programs and purchasing tutorial type programs.  For those who are new to Adobe’s After Effects Chris and Trish Meyer are offering After Effects Apprentice 101 at Class on Demand.  This collection of courses is aimed at beginners to the field of motion graphics and teaches how to create your own graphic elements from scratch.  

Another offering available from Chris Meyer is After Effects C55.5 and CS6 New Creative Techniques which demonstrates the new and changed features in detail.  These include showing potential applications and sharing both tips and gotchas.  Designed with the owners of the book Creating Motion Graphics 5th Edition (CMG5) in mind, it uses the exercise files from that book as the starting point for most of the demonstrations shown, making the video set the official CS6 upgrade for CMG5.

Also coming soon is the 3rd Edition of After Effects Apprentice, which completes the bundle of 15 courses in this video series that uses engaging and lively instruction to teach users all the tools and inspire students to create powerful and eye-grabbing motion graphics.  There is over 30 hours in the total program with 11 core lessons plus a fun final project that teaches users how to create motion graphics for network programs, company videos and/or independent productions. The package includes full color presentation of professional workflows, core motion graphic techniques, exercises incorporating new features introduced in CS5, CS5.5, and 6 such as Roto Brush, Wrap Stabilizer, 3D Camera Tracker and the Ray-traced 3D Renderer, plus Mocha.  There is also a Companion DVD featuring QuickTime Movies and lesson media. 

The After Effects Apprentice Complete Bundle in this video series from the Meyers consists of 15 courses lasting over 30 hours and arms students with the tools to create powerful and eye-grabbing graphics.

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