RESOURCES: Sample Documents for Filmmakers to Save You Time & Money

Published On September 19, 2009 | By admin | film, film distribution, film finance, film marketing, film production, filmmaking

One thing about being an indie film producer with a limited budget is that you try to find ways to increase your knowledge and save money.  In some areas, such as drawing up contracts protecting yourself and your film, this can be quite a challenge.  As noted in other articles, an experienced entertainment lawyer is a necessary, yet costly expense.  One way in which you can cut down the number of billable hours needed  is to read and review copies of other filmmakers’ contracts and paperwork and use them as a blueprint for creating your own.  While I’m not suggesting that you do business with “homegrown” documentation, it’s considerably cheaper to hire an attorney after you’ve written a first draft as opposed to starting from scratch. 

So, how do you find these sample documents?  I have added a number of websites and pdfs to this site offering business plans, PPMs and other forms you should become famiiar with as a filmmaker.   I’ve included both sites  offering “free” information and others, who sell their services as well, in case you’re more comfortable purchasing  boilerplates.  You’ll find the new additions on the Resources Page in the  Business Forms,  Sample Documents and Related Info Section.

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