Screenwriting Guru Syd Field Offers Online Webinars Through The Writers Store

Published On March 24, 2012 | By admin | Blog Post, Independent Film, Screenwriting

The Writers Store has a special treat for anyone interested in screenwriting and you don’t have to be in Los Angeleswhere they are located in order to participate.  Registration is now open for The Screenwriter’s Craft, A Four-Part Webinar Series with celebrated producer, lecturer, teacher and author Syd Field.  The course will feature a deep exploration of screenwriting and illustrations from Academy Award-winning films geared to expanding, enlarging and broadening the knowledge, comprehension and technique of the screenplay and the art and craft of screenwriting.  Conducted from 10:00AM – 12:00PM PDT, these online sessions also include a 3- minute live Q&A with Syd as well. 

Day One: Structure Deconstructed kicks off on Saturday, March 31st and examines the importance of dramatic structure from the inception of the idea through the completion of the screenplay.  This session explores the dimension of structure as the essential building block in screenwriting and features clips from Academy Award-winning films.

Day Two: Making Your Scenes Reveal will take place on Sunday, April 1st.  The scene is the cell of dramatic action and has a simple function: to either move the story forward or reveal information about the character.  This session focuses on the many different ways scenes are written to effectively drive the story forward and reveal emotional insights.  During part of the program a scene from “The King’s Speech” will be analyzed in depth and detail which will explore different aspects and approaches to writing great movie scenes.

Day Three: Writing Effective Dialogue is next on Saturday, April 14th.  This session delves into the purpose of dialogue and its function and illustrates the nine different types found in films like “Juno,” “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” “Little Miss Sunshine,” “The Bucket List” and “American Beauty”.  It is designed to expand and broaden your awareness of dialogue and its function.

Day Four: The Six Stages of Rewriting finishes up the webinar series on Sunday, April 15th.  This session examines what happens after the first draft is finished and helps the writer determine what comes next to make the story work.  Some of the questions raised involve the strength of the characters and whether or not more action is needed and what you can do to make the first draft a better read.  Attendees will learn to approach the re-write through the Six Stages of Rewriting and begins by looking at your initial intention and whether or not you wound up writing the story you originally intended to.  This course is all about the Re-Write and the tools that can be utilized to make the intention equal the result.

Space is limited and each course is $79.00 separately or $245.00 for a special package deal.   Visit  to reserve your virtual seat.

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