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Since the summer season is upon us, here’s three ways in which filmmakers can try turning up the heat.  First of all, next Saturday, May 29th from 9:30am to 5:30pm SCREEN International and Soho House are sponsoring the annual Film Industry Football Event at West Ham’s Upton Park in England.  With a few spaces still remaining, this year’s competition will feature some of the biggest studios vying to be crowned FIFE champions 2010.  Registered teams include Icon, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, Universal and the reigning champions Vue Entertainment.  Known as the British film industry’s annual five-a-side football tournament , the event is comprised of 40 teams and the proceeds support Action for Children, a UK charity assisting neglected children and young people.  Spectator tickets are available.  For more information, email

Pilar Alessandra

If your goal this summer is to find help writing, finishing or polishing a script without taking time away from the beach or spending all of your vacation money, Pilar Alessandra may have just the services you’re looking for.  Her live six-week Six Steps classes are on hiatus until September, but you can receive both Six Steps to a Screenplay and Six Steps to a Rewrite sent to you in a weekly email for the special price of $100 for all twelve weeks.  These online programs include all of the lectures, writing tools and assignments taught in Pilar’s L.A. classes and teaches how to break story, build an outline, crank out a draft, hone pages and polish.

Alessandra has also introduced a service called the “Page Five Fix”.  Focused on editing, Pilar will provide style and craft notes for the first five pages of your script and she’ll weed out overwritten scene direction, rewrite clunky descriptions, tweak dialogue and streamline stories.  Although this program is currently available only to Final Draft users, pages from Movie Magic will soon be accepted. 

If you prefer to learn the old fashioned way and want to visit a class in person, Pilar will be offering CRAFTING THE PAGE: Digging Into the Words on June 26th from 9:00am – 12:30pm from Marriott Burbank Hotel and Convention Center in California.  This workshop will focus on the craft of script writing covering word choice, format, tone, scene focus, character nuance, line placement and dialogue.

For more info on all of Pilar’s courses and services go to

Barry Braverman

Finally for those interested in pursuing more knowledge about 3D, sign up for Createasphere’s free webcast on May 27th.   This will be a prelude to their 3D Production Workshops featuring Panasonic technology which start off in NYC on September 19th and 20th at the New Yorker Hotel before moving on to additional locations in Chicago, L.A. and Washington DC during the rest of the year.  The webcast, which is called 3D Perspectives: Images and VFX will be hosted by Visual Effects Supervisor, Tim Sassoon (“Alice in Wonderland” and “The Aviator”), Cinematographer, Barry Braverman (National Geographic and ABC News), and Chief Technological Guru at BlueScreen, LLC, Bob Kertesz.

Bob Kertesz

Topics to be discussed include: the top five issues to be aware of and who can solve them, rig and camcorder options available for acquisition, the new roles on set – the Stereographer and Director of Photography, an overview of post an workflow, converting 2D to 3D and creating visual effects in 3D.  To register or receive more information go to

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