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Hollywood Shorts ImagePerhaps best known for their film festivals featuring shorts and animation which is now entering its 15th season, Hollywood Shorts launched the Emerging Filmmakers Program (EFP) in 2001 with the intention of extending support and production education, services and mentoring resources beyond its monthly events and annual Spotlight festivals.  All filmmakers and animators, whose films have been selected for screening at Hollywood Shorts, are eligible to participate in the EFP free of charge while all others are invited to take advantage of the program for minimal costs.  In 2010 the program expanded to include two significant offerings the Cinematographer’s Lab and the Director’s Lab.

Now on February 5th, 2013 Hollywood Shorts will present the latest in this series, Cinematography Lab 1.01: The Fundamentals of Cinematography with instructor Jay Holben, who is the Technical Editor of DV Magazine.  The session will be held from 1pm – 4pm at Panavision Hollywood in Los Angeles for a Lab Fee of $35.00.  This lab will focus on teaching attendees how to learn the art, aesthetics and science of how to utilize digital technology in order to create artistic and pleasing images.  Holben will cover what light is and how it is viewed and help students understand dynamic range, exposure and why lighting is used, even though modern cameras can nearly see in the dark.  This session will explore how professional cinematographers craft their images and is perfect for aspiring DPs, members of camera crews, filmmakers, actors those who have recently acquired digital camera packages and directors.

For more information about this Lab, the Hollywood Shorts Film Festivals including upcoming submissions or other facts about the organization please visit their website at and follow them on Twitter @hollywoodshorts.   


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