The Nevada Film Alliance Wants to Know “Wassup America?!”

Published On November 7, 2012 | By admin | Blog Post, film production, Independent Film

Now that the election is over, the issue of unemployment and the challenge of job creation is bound to be at the top of most people’s issue list. The Nevada Film Alliance in association with Glenbrook Studios is attempting to find solutions in Nevada by combining documentary filmmaking with organized gatherings beginning on Thursday, November 8th at the Red Rock Resort conference Center in Summerlin from 9:00am to 5:00pm. “Wassup America?!” kicks off its first Show Up For Work event by inviting unemployed individuals in the Las Vegas area to dress up in business attire and bring their CVs and resumes in hopes of stimulating the job hunting process. Produced by Marko Sakren, Ron Greenwood and Catherine Kersey of the NFA, it is hoped this will be both a movie and a movement leading to a series of events where businesses will be created that can utilize the skills, experience, talents and resources of unemployed Las Vegans. The first movie focuses on the pursuits on an independent filmmaker as he tracks the lives of several unemployed people and tries to develop creative ways to find them work. These actions will be covered by an online TV talk show co-hosted by Sara Gabriella and Leland Smith called “Wassup America”.  Designed to show the real life struggles of out of work Americans, the film will document their challenges and also add commentary from experts who will be contributing their take on today’s tough job market.  After the initial documentary is made the filmmakers are hoping to involve others around the country for a planned sequel.

According to Executive Producer and Co-Director Marko Sakren, they will be working hard to get the film seen by audiences across the country once it’s completed. They hope to raise enough money to fully fund the sequel and launch Show Up For Work events throughout the country, hiring many people. They are also offering the production as a learning experience for film students through the NFA outreach and Glenbrook Studios Destination FilmFest.  Some of the Las Vegas students working on the project include: Directorial Consultant, Michael Zayas (UNLV); Co-Director and First Assistant Director, Dertrez Pressley; Camera Operator and Director of Photography, David Levy (CSN); and Production & Camera Assistant, David Sheppard (West Career & Technical Academy).

As a member of the Board of Directors for the NFA, I am very proud of the fact that we are involved in producing a project that has such ambitious goals. I hope that the  ”Wassup America?!” documentary is successful in capturing the plight of some of our unemployed people while the Show Up For Work Events find ways to create solutions for job hunting issues.

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