This Movie Angel has a Heavenly Effect on Indie Filmmakers – Part 2

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Many people have tweeted or commented how much they enjoyed reading Part 1 of our Filmmakers Notebook Q&A with Marcella Selbach, who is also known as @movieangel, so I’m sure you’ll find Part 2 equally interesting.  Plus there is a surprise request from the lady herself at the end of the article.

From what youve seen what has impressed you most in a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign and why?

There is a huge variety of excellent campaigns, the passion and the dedication of some of the filmmakers impress me most. Their outstanding ideas of presenting the work in videos, video messages and wonderful stories they create around the backers sometimes are amazing. ( TILT the Town / Whiz!Bam!Pow/! / How Do You write a Joe Sherman Love Song / ) They actually give you the feeling of already being a part of their films or projects, they are viral and inspire me.

One of the most impressive campaigns I remember was “A Year Without Rent” by Lucas McNelly, which was more exciting than any action thriller. It reminded me of last year’s “Goodbye Promise” (David Branin/Gregor Collins) project.

It was UNIQUE and will probably become “famous” in the Kickstarter history.  This project similar to “Goodbye Promise” wasn’t funded half way 36 hours before the ending but with an amazing promotion in the Twitter and Facebook community, he reached his goal of $12.000 in the last few hours. It was incredible!

Have you seen anything online that has motivated you to support a film project or is it more getting to know the filmmaker that has inspired you?

Actually both…as I mentioned before, there are campaigns with fabulous trailers that attract my attention to support the film, but on the other hand filmmakers like Mattson Tomlin sent me the link of his trailer, as well as Angelo Bell, David P. Baker and Gregory Bayne, and I was impressed! I need to feel something to identify with a project.  John Paul Rice once brought it to the point when he said: “Film is feelings, if you can walk away at the end of the movie, feeling something…pain, laughter, humor, optimism, hope… you have something.”  And this is exactly what I mean.

How would you recommend filmmakers approach potential donors who would enjoy supporting and promoting them?

There is not a general recommendation and I only can talk about what I like.  It’s the personal approach.  The filmmaker should get in contact with the potential donors.  Be nice, get them interested in your project, put some thoughts behind it, get the word out about your film and share your ideas & information and let them be a part of it.  Come on with creative videos, show your excitement for your project and attract THEIR attention with trailers or photos, so that they want more.  I think this is a good requirement for approaching donors.

What is the best perk you have received as an indie film donor?

Beside the nice stories of ME in the “TILT The Town” and “Whiz!Bam!Pow! campaigns the best perk I ever received for my donation was David Branin’s legendary home made apple pie, which he made for me during my stay in LA last August and it was really heavenly!

The creativity of some filmmakers is amazing and admirable.  I mean they work a lot on their films but don’t forget about the backers!

Which campaigns perks have impressed you as the most original so far?

Definitely the “TILT TheTown” (Phil Holbrook, Jessica King, Julie Keck) campaign perks and Gary King’s “How Do You Write A Joe Sherman Love Song” the videos they did for their backers who donated a special amount of money were so cool and so special, that I’m still lost for words.  Their passion and dedication for “rewarding” their donors was outstanding and very creative, an absolute pleasure!

As a lover of independent film where do you see the industry going?

This is probably one of the most difficult questions and I don’t know whether I can give a satisfying answer.  I’m neither a filmmaker/producer nor a marketing expert, but let me try to answer in representing the audience and Independent film supporters.  What I watched during the past few years is that younger people prefer watching films online, rent them or get downloads, so the selling of DVDs might be much more difficult today and in the near future.  Although I’m old- fashioned, I love DVDs, I have to hold them in my hands….

But maybe it’s time for innovation, it’s a challenge and an opportunity at the same time for the Indie filmakers to emerge.  For me, the story which is behind the film, matters.  It has to be a good one, inspiring with a powerful statement.  After all these 3D films it will take some time, but I am sure that the Independent films will sustain this.

I believe the European market, especially the German market is open for Independent films, it’s a chance for the young filmmakers to show what they are capable of.  And the big screen will be back.   I’m sure the experience of the past showed that after a while (think of the VHS video tapes) people want to get back to old stuff, so this might happen here as well. 

Which platforms do you enjoy watching films on the most?

To tell the truth, I don’t watch films very often online.  Unfortunately, platforms like Netflix or Hulu are not available yet here in Germany and the few we have sometimes are very expensive or don’t show the films I’m interested in.  I like Vimeo, I’m used to watching shorts there or on You Tube and LOVE  iTunes.  German platforms like Apple TV and Maxdome are highly recommended cause they offer a huge variety of good films

Are there any you dont like watching them on?

I don’t like “SKY”, which is very popular in Germany. You have weekly changing programs of up to date films, but I’m mostly NOT interested in because I already saw them in the movie theater and aside from that, it is very expensive and not worth it.

We have a special ending for this Filmmakers Notebook interview with Marcella.  Actually, it’s more of a request she made.  In Part 1 of our Q&A she mentioned her interest in filmmaking and perhaps being a PA in an indie film.  Well, she would be interested in working on a project in L.A. anytime between August and October for some lucky filmmaker.  So, if you would are in need of some heavenly help on your production, please contact our @movieangel on Twitter, Facebook or on her homepage at

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