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At this time I’d like to take the opportunity to give you an update about this blog.  Filmmakers Notebook has just launched a Facebook Fan Page this week and I’ll be posting more videos, events, articles and news from other people in the filmmaking industry I believe you might find interesting.  Come by and visit at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Filmmakers-Notebook/158316734205722 and please let me know if you “Like” it.

 I also want to announce that in the near future Filmmakers Notebook will be featuring podcasts as part of its coverage.  We’ll be bringing interviews with producers, directors, actors and others connected with movie making.  The podcasts will be the perfect compliment to the Q&A posts that have been posted on the blog.  

With all of this new activity about to take place, I would like to invite you to email me at info@filmmakersnotebook.com if you have an idea for a story based on the types of articles I’ve been running or if you are going to be having a filmmaking event in Las Vegas that you would like to have covered

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